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Kaylah Zander

“I came to Pamela through a casting search for chefs while I was working at a little cafe. After a few months, I became part of her core roster. She was so patient and encouraging with me while I learned the ropes! In three years, I’ve booked 25 commercials and rediscovered my passion for acting! I now have a full-time career doing film and TV, and I couldn’t have done any of it without Pamela. She has given me so much guidance and support and I’m so excited to be on her team.”

Mark Lambert

“I met Pamela after she gave me a call-back for an audition as a soccer coach for Marriott Hotels “Broken Bus” commercial, and I got the part! This was a major part and although I was intimidated at first, Pamela helped give me the confidence I needed. Thanks, Pamela!”

Helen Fehrenberg

“Pamela is the best! We met Pamela through an open casting call on Facebook. Pamela added my son to her roster, he has since filmed five commercials! Pamela also passed our son’s name on to a film and television agent and he has filmed five TV shows and auditioned for numerous films. Pamela is passionate and dedicated to her work and the results show!”

Gavin Michie

“Pamela continues to be an invaluable powerhouse; she is the friend you want in your corner fighting for you and resolving issues even after the project is over. In the two years we have been working together Pamela has found unique ways to motivate and support me; as a team, we get the booking.”