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Pamela has assembled a kaleidoscope of unique individuals: highly skilled athletes, dancers, musicians, multi skilled
performers and professional actors that will spark and connect in all media platforms and advertising campaigns.

As an agent in the film & television industry, Pamela Wise derives her income solely on commissions (15%) from talent fees and residuals. Please only submit if you are currently not represented by another agency.

*Please note that Pamela does not represent children under the age of three. However, when those younger aged casting searches arise, we will announce them on social media.

We also are happy to review your submission on Instagram Please use the #PickMePamela hashtag on Instagram to show us your best five pics and video in the slideshow or carousel format. Please ensure your account is not set to private, so we can view successfully and message you, if interested!

  • Check Your Eligibility

  • If you checked all boxes with confidence, you are eligible for submission!

  • Upload a Video File - 30 Seconds or Shorter

    Record a casual (decent quality!) smartphone video to introduce yourself to Pamela, no longer than 30 seconds as the file will be too large to upload. Please shoot no wider than the top of the head to mid chest. Please tell us your first name, age, and the area in which you live. Then, share FIVE of the most interesting facts about you!

  • Photos

    Snap FIVE current colour photos to show us your grand personality, ranging from 3/4 (to show physique), to med close, to close up (so we can see only your face & eye colour). We are not looking for Professional photos but they must be current, in-focus, daytime light, only you in frame, with natural makeup, no sunglasses, no filters, not photoshopped, and no attitude!

    *please note that photos featuring heavy makeup and/or editing will not be considered as an accurate representation

  • Drop files here or
  • Resume

  • Contact Information

Due to the volume of requests, we are not able to reply to every submission but please know that we see and appreciate your effort.

If we feel we can effectively represent you, we will contact you via email.

Like us on Instagram and Facebook where we post last minute open casting searches and roster updates. Use #PickMePamela hashtag on Instagram to show us your best five!