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Pamela Wise

Talent Agent and Brand Development

Connecting Human Emotion To Advertising Campaigns and Brands

About Pamela Wise

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Pamela Wise is a trusted talent agent with Premiere Talent Management. You might say she has a gift for matching the right face and personality to a project.
With over two decades of success working alongside top casting teams, ad agencies and production houses, Pamela is known for being a passionate agent and ally.
Pamela is proud to represent a select group of actors that have all booked. She also scouts real people, special skills talent and unique performers through her popular social media casting searches on Instagram and Facebook. She scouts for:
  • TV commercials
  • Digital media content
  • Social media
  • Web campaigns
  • Lifestyle/corporate print
  • Special film and television searches
Pamela is proud to mentor graduate student emerging actors through her master series at Capilano University. She also visits BC high schools to work with students on defining their own ‘Actor’s Brand’, and is a frequent guest instructor at The Drama Class where she teaches her popular workshop on Commercial Auditioning & Branding.

Pamela Wise Has Scouted, Brokered and Booked Thousands of Talented Actors and Real People in National Commercials, Award-Winning Campaigns and Super Bowl Spots

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